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Chuck Calhoun


    I'm the designer and webmaster of . I am new at this, but, I hope you enjoy!  For beginners, notice that the official website banner that you see on each page of the Blue Ridge Mountains is an original painting by Blue Valley Gallery owner and artist, Velda Lovell.

    Here is a big "Thank you!" to gallery owners, Velda and Dennis Lovell, for allowing me to make this website become a reality, as well as all the gallery friends and family that accommodated me in my search for photographs and data for the website. Thank you to my friend, Gina Bender, for setting me on the right track to designing this website and helping me the with nuances of website navigation that I had no aptitude for!  Thanks, also, to each artist that allowed us to utilize their art in the building of this idea. This is a work in progress, so, we'll keep improving and adding to the site as folks visit come to visit. 

    Blue Valley Gallery is a wonderful and cozy gallery in the high country of North Carolina.  Unless you had a reason to be passing through, you might just miss one of the most delightful gems in the Western Mountains of North Carolina.  We feel the gallery deserves a voice on the world wide web, to broadcast the great work that is presented inside, courtesy of Velda and Dennis Lovell, and to learn about some of the most talented artists that you can meet.  I hope you enjoy your visit to our website.  As you look around, we hope you are entertained, enlightened, and shown a bit of something that might be worth sharing with others. 

   If you see do see something worth sharing with others, please do so!  And, if you have questions or comments, or suggestions about the website, the artists, or the artwork, then we would love to hear from you!

 All the best,

Chuck Calhoun, Webmaster



WEBMASTER: Chuck Calhoun

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