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Chuck Calhoun Fine Art
Experimental Mixed-media, Watercolor
Experimental Mixed-media, Watercolor

Charlotte, North Carolina resident Chuck Calhoun has been painting actively since 1995.  During that time, he has explored airbrush, watercolors, faux painting techniques, batik, and much more.  Experimentation has allowed Chuck to discover and express his creative spirit.  The broad array of imagery reflects his respective interest in the many gifts that the world around us offers.

"Every day offers something new to see.  The wonder of painting is that the painter captures a special moment, interprets it, and then presents it again so that others may be able to enjoy the moment again and again.  Amazingly, often that...special moment... is entirely contrived in the mind of the artist...and, by creating and sharing that image with others, it then becomes real!"

Guest Speaker, Guest Artist
Guest Speaker, Guest Artist

Does your organization need a guest speaker?  Artists and art instructors often make entertaining and good guest speakers. Often, their experience in travel and their particular perspective makes for an interesting meeting.  For a reasonable fee and or gratuity to the individual, there are many available artists to come visit your organization.  Having been involved in leading local art organizations for over 15 years, Chuck can be available as a guest artist...or we will be happy to connect your organization with an individual that would be just right for your group.

If your group is interested in a painting demonstration, then Chuck or one of his colleagues would enjoy visiting your organization.  Most painting demonstrations can be presented in thirty minutes to one hour, leaving your organization plenty of additional time for business and socializing!  Let us connect you with just the right demo artist.

Workshops and Classes
Workshops and Classes

    Classes in painting, composition, and color theory are offered regularly by Chuck Calhoun in Charlotte.  Of special interest to the beginning and/or intermediate artist is guidance on drawing, art-materials choices, and workstation set-up.  Chuck emphasizes keeping your art learning experience simplified and stress-free!

 Classes can be for as few as a one-time class or repeated instruction on an ongoing basis.  Multiple week classes usually meet once a week for  about two hours in length.

    Local area classes and workshops can also be arranged.  Chuck can teach a workshop, and also can host nationally recognized and sought after art instructors.  Workshops usually span from two to four days, and expect from 10 to 25 participants per workshop session.  Workshops include daily lunch breaks.  Starting times each day normally begin at 9 AM to 10 AM and end at around 4 PM.  Workshop fees/rates vary with the subject being taught, the venue, and based on fee demands of the respective instructor.

   Regional and national workshops are available, too.  Painting dream vacations for interested groups can be arranged and organized for groups in remote geographic regions, also.  Studio workshops and classes are "inside", whereas some travel classes and workshops may be outdoors...on location....and "en plein air" setting.

   Art students always fret about choosing a list of art supplies for a class...and how much it will cost.  Some  of Chuck's classes and  other instructors workshops will include some portion of supplies, while others require the student to be self-supplied.  Supply lists are provided with each class or workshop upon sign-up. Beginning and intermediate students are presented quality art material recommendations with economy in mind.  Often, demonstrations by the instructor will allow the student to see and test out a material or supply prior to investing in the product.

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