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Maddy Buckhannan, Oil Painter
Maddy Buckhannan, Oil Painter
   Naples, Florida artist, Maddy Buckhannan finds inspiration on the Cashiers, North Carolina region.  Her efforts to help initiate the Cashiers Art Center at Blue Valley Gallery has successfully helped give local artists a venue to display and sell their artwork.

   Maddy's favorite subjects are portrait and figure painting.  She also enjoys painting the animals of the forest and the "beauty of nature". Some of her most sought-after paintings are what she calls her "Black Bear Portraits".
Art, in many forms...,
   Maddy's portraiture and figure painting as well as painting close ups of the animals of the American wilderness focus on bringing out each subject's individual personality and mood.

   Her successful series "Bear Portraits" numbering over sixty are adorning homes and cabins throughout the Smokies. 

Maddy's patron's often say: "You have really captured their eyes." 
Art, in many forms...,
has always been a part of Maddy's life
has always been a part of Maddy's life
   Whether painting florals, landscapes, people or animals her paintings are upbeat celebrating the world around us.

"One of the most rewarding aspects of having creative ability is being able to really see the play of light on a flower, the unique expression in a face, the composition of colors enhancing each other, and all the beauty that surrounds us.  There is also mood and feeling to be experienced and I consider all of this when constructing a painting.

Although my paintings are mostly realistic my primary objective is to bring out an overall feeling from the painting that talks to the viewer.  It really excites me when I know the particular painting I have just finished has achieved my goals and is one of my best."

Gallery (Day): 828-743-2956
Home: 828-743-3087
Fashion illustration study at the Fashion Institute, New York City

Studies in oil painting and sculpture, fifteen years in Mexico, concentration on painting and sculptin the Indian children and the native Mexicans in their Mexican costumes.

Owner of three successful home and garden shops, Naples, Florida (Chelsea Gardens).

2001: Renewed focus on painting (watercolor, mixed media, oil.

Formal and informal training:
Hoignian Yang, Ann Templeton, Karen Weihs, Sue Stewart, Joanne Williams Walker, Roberta Remi, Barbra Evans.

Show highlights and recognitions:
   2005:Juried show at Von Liebig Art Institute, Naples, Florida (Sepia Painting "My Granddaughter at the Beach"
   Cashiers, North Carolina Charity Auction (fiberglass bears)
   Instrumental in initiating the Cashiers Art Center at Blue Valley Gallery.

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