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Jim Carson, Oil & Acrylic   Plein-Air

Saluda, North Carolina artist Jim Carson has been painting in both oil and acrylic for over 20 years. His work has been described by art critics as “fresh and painterly”. Jim’s work hangs in personal and corporate galleries from California to Florida.

"Once you see the true colors in reality, painting from any other source does not inspire the same emotion. I am inspired by the shapes, colors and spontaneity of nature"

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Featured Artists
Chuck Calhoun, Watercolors and Mixed Media

Charlotte, North Carolina is home for watercolor painter and experimental mixed-media artist, Chuck Calhoun.

"My family has been a great source of inspiration in helping me see the world around me in a more creative way. I watched my children grow up looking closely at the world around them with new perspective and enjoyment. Young children seem more intuitive to the special blessings each subject has to offer.   As I render paintings, I try to share some of those feelings in my artwork."

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Chuck Calhoun,  Watercolors and Mixed Media
Velda Lovell, Oils
Glenville, North Carolina is home to Velda Lovell and husband, Dennis.  Merging the daily administration of one passion, that of running a fine arts gallery, Blue Valley Gallery, Velda finds time to express her passion and creativity in the world of oil painting.  Velda's commitment to composition and design is evident in her work, and her intuitive use of color translate immediately to her audience.

" I want the viewer to feel this sense of connection with the subject that speaks of joy and wonder over things both small and grand."

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Velda Lovell,  Oils
Daryl Shankland, Oils & Pastels
Glenville, North Carolina artist, Daryl Shankland, started painting in 2005 as she was starting her own investment advisory firm, breaking out of a very corporate environment.  It was the desire to get creative juices flowing so that business would not consume her to the point that she had no other interests.  Little did she know that the painting would open up entirely new worlds to her, creating the balance that she had always craved.  With painting, Daryl feels that she has been able to reflect her total personality into her art, that tends to be fast paced, colorful, and expressive.

For Daryl, art was never meant to be another job. She says, "I have always kept it fun and loose, and allowed myself to get totally carried away in whatever I was painting.  This has resulted in a style that is fast and loose and not overly detailed, as I like to paint quickly and not overly agonize about a painting."

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Daryl Shankland,  Oils & Pastels
Jack Stern, Oils, Landscape
Landscape artist and plein air  painter, Jack Stern currently lives with his wife, Peggy, in a remote cabin in Western North Carolina near the Black Balsam Mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Jack has earned numerous awards and honors for his paintings.  His audience often comment that they feel as though they have been transported to the location that he show in the painting.

"Sunlight on mountains, water and clouds are the visuals that inspire me.  I am also attracted to old barns and houses that hold secrets of the lives that once touched them. 

My artwork is original, painted in plein air or in the studio from my photographs.  I work primarily in oils and acrylics on canvas, linen and panels in a variety of sizes (miniature to wall murals.)  My goal is...paint the landscape in honesty and beauty!"

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Pat Verdisco, Oils
Pat Verdisco, Oils
Resident of Fort Meyers, Florida in the Winter and Glenville, North Carolina in the Summer, Patti Verdisco chooses the Impressionist approach to painting with oils of images that are soothing and tranquil.  Experienced in travel, fluent in languages, and skilled as a poet, Patti's approach to painting is about living life to the fullest!

"...The economy of language appeals to me.  I feel that the act of painting is a natural extension of that process - it's poetry on canvas!"

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Jane Thomas, Oil Painter
Jane Thomas, Oil Painter
Summer residence in the mountains of North Carolina and Winter in Fort Meyers, Florida adds up to a full year of oil painting by Blue Valley Gallery artisan, Jane Thomas.  Leading a busing life, painting becomes a refuge for Jane. As a long-time friend of oil painter, Pat Verdisco, Jane shares a love of bright colors and the Impressionistic Painters approach.

"I love vibrant color and impressionism, which pretty much defines my style.  Half the time, I don't know where I"m going with my paintings -- but, I sure have getting there!"

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Maddy Buckhannan, Oils, Multi-media
Maddy Buckhannan, Oils, Multi-media

Art, in many forms has always been part of North Carolina artist, Maddy Buckhannan.  With domestic and career roots in New York, Mexico, and Naples, Florida, Maddy retired in 2001 and began taking workshops from some of the best know painting instructors in the country.  She has settled on oils as her main medium, now, and resides in Cashiers, North Carolina, where she focuses on painting floral images, landscapes, people, and animals.  Maddy celebrates the world around us through her paintings.

"Although my paintings are mostly realistic my primary objective is to bring out an overall feeling from the painting that talks to the viewer.  It really excites me when I know the particular painting I have just finished has achieved my goals and is one of my best."

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Annell L. Metsker, Portraiture-Photography, Mixed -media
   Charlotte, North Carolina artist Annell L. Metsker applies her artistic focus to evoke the soul of her subjects and capture the beauty within and around them.  She works intuitively to create emotional depth, intense color, texture, light and timelessness.  Her mediums include photography, mixed media combining photography and painting, and oil on canvas.

   "In all media", Annell explains, "my goal as an artist is to capture the connection and emotion of relationship that moves through generations into the beauty of life.  This is my passionate pursuit."

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Annell L. Metsker, Portraiture-Photography, Mixed -media

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