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Patti Verdisco, Oils
Patti Verdisco, Oils
Patti Verdisco is an oil painter displaying artwork in Blue Valley Gallery.  Patti's summer home is in Glenville, North Carolina and her Winter home is Fort Meyers, Florida. Patti keeps a busy schedule, but makes sure that painting is a part of the daily routine.

As a daughter of a military father, Patti is well traveled, and continues the lifestyle as an adult.  Following her formal education as a Communications Major, Patti is fluent in many languages...and a poet, as well!
Vibrant Color and Impressionism
Vibrant Color and Impressionism
Oils is the medium of choice for Patti Verdisco.  Most of her paintings will convey a soothing and tranquil mood.  Her consuming creative passion is to paint something "incredibly soothing" says, Velda Lovell, Patti's painting coach.

Foggy mist mornings, colorful sunrises, warm sunsets, and occaisional images of flowers are some of the scenes that Patti might paint while in her studio.  These tranquil images usually of the range of 16" by 20" or smaller is what Patti's audience might expect to see.
The essence of the moment
The essence of the moment
   "Writing poems has been a long-standing interest of mine.  I enjoy the challenge of condensing a world of thoughts and emotions into a few concise and evocative words.  The economy of language appeals to me.  I feel that the act of painting is a natural extension of that process...It's poetry on canvas!"   - Patti Verdisco

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