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Jane Thomas, Oil Painter
Jane Thomas, Oil Painter
   Florida artisan, Jane Thomas from Fort Myers has discovered that painting in oils is her refuge for a busy life.  Jane paints steadily and enjoys the break it gives her from the daily routines the life gives us.  And, even after painting for over twenty years, Jane impresses that keeping it fun is what is important to her!

Part of the year, Jane and her husband, Larry, spend creative refuge time in the North Carolina Mountains.  Jane is a FEATURED ARTIST on, and, she displays and sells artwork in Blue Valley Gallery, in Cashiers, North Carolina year-round. 
Vibrant color and impressionism
   Jane's approach to painting is experimentation and exploration.  Whether a landscape, study of wildlife, or a still life image, Jane will tend to emphasize color and vibrancy, and, mood rather than tight detail.  Not unlike The Impressionist painters, her technique directs one's attention to the feeling of being present in the scene without an overload of detail.  Jane's images communicate the spirit of the artist...and allows the audience to identify with the subject.
Vibrant color and impressionism
"Painting is my refuge."

"Like many people, I lead a pretty busy life.  For me, painting is my refuge -- my sanity time, my play time, a time I carve out just for myself.  I love vibrant color and impressionism, which pretty much defines my style.  Half the time, I don't know where I'm going with my paintings -- but I sure have fun getting there!"                                                                                                
Mountain Studio: 828-743-2956
Gallery (Blue Valley Gallery, Cashiers: 828-743-2956

Mailing Address:
525 Breedlove Road
Glenville, NC  28736


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