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Ross Calhoun, Photography, Multi-media
An early aptitude for the visual arts
An early aptitude for the visual arts

    Ross Calhoun, native of Charlotte, North Carolina, spends most of his year traveling and in his college town, Colorado, Springs, attending Colorado College.   Academically, Ross's interest focuses on Environmental Sciences, Biochemistry, and classical strings music.  Recreational interests include rock climbing, ultimate Frisbee, and hiking.  All of these accommodate his interest in the visual arts and photography.

  Ross's interest in visual arts began as a young child.  By the time Ross graduated as a high school senior, he had already discovered his passion for photography of the outdoors.  Ross's digital photography might include wildlife from local ponds or perhaps the New Mexican high country to a Boy Scout high adventure cruise scene to the British Virgin Isles.  Capturing the special moment on a journey is one of his special skills.  Currently, Ross's interest is focused on his work - locating, capturing and banding owl chicks in the Colorado high country...where he is spending much of his time.

Ross's images inspire his audience to want to see more, and to travel to the place that he has captured with the passing of a moment.

A keen sense for color and composition
A keen sense for color and composition

    Ross's ability to identify and select colors was noticeably strong, even as a young student.  His development of composition became stronger as he studied art in higher grades.  Now, whether in taking a photograph or creating a sculpture,  selecting subjects of good color arrangement and composing the image seems intuitive.  Most of Ross's photographic images need little to no color editing or cropping.  Much of this decision process has been completed...before Ross releases the shutter.

    Exploring two dimensional and three dimensional art forms, Ross proves very comfortable, as well.  Recently, after taking an optional art class in college, three of his sculptures were selected for an ongoing school exhibit.  One learns quickly that composition and deliberate design is a definitive way of thinking for Ross.

Inspirational images of nature
Inspirational images of nature

   Nature and the outdoors is a recurring theme of Ross's photographic interest.  His landscape photograph's will inspire his audience, but wildlife and nature images seem to keep his own attention. Ross's keen eye of geometric line and composition become apparent when seeing one of his photographs of something architectural. The detailed close-up moments captured in Ross's lens, give us all a glimpse of what inspires Ross the most.

Sometimes, one just has to close in on the image that Ross has presented...and consider where and what it might be....maybe a blanket of ladybugs at 11,000 ft. elevation on a remote mountain top where few people will ever tread.

Contact Ross:

4000 Lakeside Drive
Charlotte, NC  28270

Phone: 704-340-2638


WEBMASTER: Chuck Calhoun

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